Dance to Heal the Earth Europe 2017

20-21-22-23 july 2017

Kommunicationszentrum Beuerhof UG

Life is a Dance, Dance Your Life

(~ Grandmother Twylah Nitsch)

With these words, the Dance to Heal the Earth, last year announced itself to Asje, “MoonEagle” van Hout (coordinator Dance to Heal the Earth 2016 and 2017).

Welcome All to Dance to Heal the Earth Europe 2017

This year will be the third year we Dance, the first two dances took place in the North and in the South, of The Netherlands. We feel so blessed to announce this third Dance to Heal the Earth, in 2017 and this time internationally at, Kommunicationszentrum Beuerhof, Beuerhof 1, 54579 Üxheim, Germany, the East if seen on the planet from the starting point.

We will be welcoming and inviting European dancers, drummers, firekeepers and supporters, to join us in this Sacred Dance, for and with All who feel connected with our dear Mother Earth, those who hear her call and feel the urge to connect, feel welcome to join us, with your dance, prayers, drums, songs, ceremonies, firekeeping and all other ways of support. Of course if you can’t join us physically, supporting in energyconnection is very welcome and would be deeply appreciated as well.

About the Dance to Heal the Earth.

This dance is about re-building the balance of life – The sacred Feminine and Masculine and  the Divine – in ourselves, eachother and All be-ings in Respect, Honoring and Healing ourselves for Mother Earth and All Relations. The teachers and elders remind us of the importance of dancing and supporting with an attitude of gratefulness, service and a deep urge in ourselves in connection with others. The consciousness and awareness we have, the urge and ability to re-connect with our Mother Earth and All relations and relatives,  gives us the recallition and recognition how we can be of service with dedication and All our intentions.


Each of us shares an unique  individual gift, which each person can add, explore and combine with yourself, our relations and our Mother Earth. This transcends race, colour, gender, education, religion, strengthening  each unique individual gift for All Gifts, strengthening ourselves and at the same time strengthening the harmony with a Loving Light Heart for the field.

Aho and bless you All in gratitude

As we transform as individuals, we also transform as Dance to Heal the Earth.

We’re grateful, Grandmother Robin Youngblood and Grandfather Bert Gunn,  this year will lead us through the Dance again. With gratitude we can look back at the dances in the Netherlands the last two years, the beautiful connections which are made, the transformations that occurred in each of the persons involved, the people who dedicated themselves to the connection and the effort and commitment they put into the Dance. With this new year 2017 a new chapter will begin in the book of life for each of us and the Dance to Heal the Earth, welcome all connections which are already made and the new ones which will form. We invite you to build up a loving and light energy, with us.

For more information about the dance feel free to mail us

Heidi Mathijssen, coördinator Dance, will gladly answer questions Dance.

Asje van Hout, all-round coördinator, gladly answers any practical regarding The questions.


Signing up:

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