Dance to Heal the Earth 2017

20-23 juli Beuerhof, Uxheim, Duitsland

Dance to Heal the Earth is a 3 day Ceremonial Medicine Dance.   This Dance will open Up many Insights from Your Core essence, the Light within you, to live your life fully, as intended by Spirit.  This dance is about stepping into life fully and completely. It will transform what blocks you from living your Life The energy of this Earth Dance is incredibly powerful!
We honor the Spirits of the Land were we Dance, the Sky above, the four directions, the Divine Spirit within us,                                        that connects us to Source, to Great Mystery Whether you are called to be a Dancer or to serve the Dance as a Supporter, your life will be forever changed.  This Dance will open your heart in a new way and create connections to Spirit and Community.   I thank you for considering being a part of this Ceremony.

General Information:

Once you decide whether you will Dance or serve as a Supporter, additional details will be sent to you via email for your preparation for Ceremony. You will be offered support and guidance by Coordinator Dance/Support Everyone should arrive on Thursday between 12 and 14 (CET)  All meals will be prepared and served for the Supporters, Drummers, Firekeepers from Thursday dinner till Sunday lunch. Dancers eat a light meal on Thursday, than fast till Saturday night Celebrational Meal Lodging: camping is available on the grounds. Or sleeping spaces in the Tipi Village. Some rooms are available by reservation (12 beds available), priority in case of medical reason. Dancers will sleep close to the Dance Arbor (bring what you need for personal comfort, keep it simple) Everyone present will participate as Supporter, Drummer, Firekeeper or Dancer for the Entire Event




Dancer and Supporter Donations €350,-*           *it is up to the Dancer to know where they are in their prosperity for this donation CoreTeam/Firekeeper/Drummer Donations €150,-  If you feel that you would like to donate your time and energy to build our Dance Community, we welcome you in our Core Team. There is much work and preparation to be done in Community At the moment we are Encouraging Drummers, Singers, Firekeepers, Cooking supporters to join in this beautiful lifechanging ceremony.  All groups will have additional teachings and ceremony, like Sweat lodge, Pipe smoking circle, Water- Fire ceremony. This ceremony is a Sacred Space where no Profit is made. All donations are used to cover the actual costs of Food, lodging and material things needed like wood, sage, kinnick. These Donations also builds our Community, so All that feel the Call of the Dance inside can come.  We create a Compassionate Space from the Heart and we invite Elders and Children to come without paying Donation, we will provide  lodging, meals and travelling costs for them from our Community. They Are the Ones, that are part of Us. The Reason why we Dance. Elders will be provided with a special place of Honor and all wishes will be granted.

We Hold your Space! Welcome! Grandfather Bert Gunn, Grandmother Robin Youngblood Asje van Hout, Norbert Quandt